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Treating high blood pressure or water retention (swelling) associated with congestive heart failure, liver disease, or kidney disease. It may also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor.

What are the generic names for lasix ?" He was having a very bad day. "That was a very bad question," says Michael, "so… no one. Let's start again." "What are the generic names of lasix?" "Well, there's… linalool… and it has the same structure as lupron… lupron…" I didn't know where this was going, and he wasn't helping because the doctor was a little overwhelmed and didn't even have a chance to look over the names. "So, there are five generic names of the drug, and one for it's off-label use. They're all given as part of [a company name]," I was told. "Laser, the lasix vs generic drug we use for photoperiodic therapy, I have it on the bottle as lt-acetyl-l-tryptophan, because it has that… um… it's that one." I was told they can keep all this secret, but I didn't really think that was what they were doing. They're making us all sick. I mean, we're using lasers like nobody's business. What kind of idiot would want to have a drug they can't even give their patients any information about. "So what about the antiestrogen? It's just a lot like the lasix, you mean?" "It doesn't have the same structure as luorontin, does it? Well yeah, I suppose. So is its generic name… lutrophen." A moment of awkward silence. "It's a generic name, though, right? It's a pharmaceutical name?" "Yeah." "Okay. What about some of the others?" I'd been told that they can keep some information secret, so I asked again. This time he said, Finasteride prescription free "Well, lutein and zeaxanthin are all… very similar to each other. They both have that, um… the yellow color to them." I Cheapest cialis in us asked him again, and he answered, "lutein can be considered a generic name. Zeaxanthin, they've given some info about. And uh… lutein zeaxanthin together are called carotenoids. They're, like… those are the same thing and we have some that's been approved for those." "And the one they don't call carotenoids?" I knew this would be my chance. "Well… they… they can call it beta-carotene. Or, there's beta-cryptoxanthin. they can call beta-carotene 'beta-caryophyllene' or 'beta-carotene.' It generic drug regulations canada doesn't go too far. But, uh… we can have a generic name for those, too. But, uh…" he pauses, gives me what is basically an eye roll, then says, "So, some people are… allergic to beta-carotene. They're sensitive it. Or we can call it 'coral.'" "Right. And the other ones… I don't know"

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