Without a stringent body of laws regulating the conduct of players and the bodies that oversee them, sports would be in a state of disarray and would most likely not be as successful as they are today. With more sporting activities and events being created each year, more people joining in and better remunerations at stake, the importance of sports law has never been higher.

Sports law ensures that players are given equal opportunities to participate in the particular field they choose. They ensure that players are not discriminated against due to their race, religion or size. Everyone is entitled to a fair opportunity as long they have the skills and talent to play. There are limited slots in any particular sport so the selection process must be fair and the relevant laws used to ensure that that happens.

Once players have landed opportunities, they have to enjoy fair remunerations. Without an overseeing body in control, players would be at the mercies of their employers. Sports laws prevent this from happening. After getting their fair pay, just like all the other earners in the country, sports men and women have to pay taxes to the government. If this didn’t happen, the country would lose millions in unfiled taxes each year. The players would also get an unfair advantage especially those earning huge amounts of money.


Sports law also protects the employment of players. Contract laws prohibit employers from freely dismissing players without due reason. Where a player is found to be at a fault, sports law dictates that a regulated body looks into the matter. This is in order to create a balance and avoid malicious practices in the industry. For contracts to be legal they must follow particular guidelines and players have to be allowed to carry them out in full. Players on the other hand are bound to abide by their employment terms without fail.

In the same way a worker gets injured during work, players endure injuries during play. In such scenarios, players are entitled to healthcare services serviced by their employers. They also have a right to resume work after getting better. In the case a player can no longer play after permanent injuries, he or she is entitled to compensation.

Sports law is also tasked with ensuring that members do not cheat the system with vices such as doping or drug abuse. Anything that will taint the image of the industry or give unfair advantage to an individual is shunned. The policies and procedures of going about all these are well defined by these laws to avoid unfair practices by the regulatory bodies. This way, sports law creates an elaborate system of checks and balances at every step.

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