Paleo Diet

The Paleolithic or “Paleo” diet has been growing in popularity significantly.

Taking a look back at our caveman ancestors, we are able to see a diet rich in great foods: veggies, fruits, meat, nuts…while avoiding processed food.

Back in time, when we were hunters and gatherers, we didn’t have the luxury of going to the store and picking up a microwave dinner or even cultivating crops like wheat to make bread.

Instead, we were forced to live off the land. Well, not only did our ancestors survive, but they thrived!

Why Paleo?

Take a look in your fridge or maybe even right in front of you. The soda can, the bag of chips, the vitamin enhanced sugar water…there’s just something unnatural about this.

You don’t have to be a health food expert to know that we didn’t evolve eating and drinking this junk.

These are advents made in modern times, foods scientifically created and designed to hit parts of our taste buds that will make us want more.

We naturally crave food for other reasons. Not because we love the taste of grease and salt, but because we need the energy to keep going and to thrive.

Big business and profit has lead to an increase in pseudo-healthy, pseudo-foods that have ingredients found nowhere even near our natural diet.

Beyond all of the unnatural ingredients in our food are a myriad of ingredients that do nothing but make things taste better and make us more heavy and unhealthy.

Even those who have often make the wrong choices, knowingly. We’ve become addicted to these food-like substances and weaning ourselves off can be difficult.

Think about it. You’ve been programmed since you were a child to believe these were foods that would nourish you and keep you healthy.

We’ve all bought into the same lie, we are all in the same test beaker. We are all subjects in this new experiment they call modern “food” and we are all reaping the disastrous effects.

Although the direct correlation is up for debate, a look at the rise in processed foods and the rise in obesity and other health related illnesses will show it is hard to deny our “new” foods are slowly killing us.

There is good news, though!

You have an alternative!

With access to all of these unnatural foods is also great access to healthier choices. As industrial farming has grown, so has our ability to provide the masses with fresh fruits, vegetables and meat in bulk.

What used to be an entire day of hunting and gathering has now turned into a short, one hour trip to the grocery store. You can now stock your shelves with amazing food for little price and in no time!

With all of this access comes a great responsibility. You now have the choice to eat in a way conducive to a healthy life or to throw your health away for salt, sugar and grease.

It’s obvious what choice most people are making, but luckily you aren’t most people!

The simple choice to check out this report has shown an interest on your part to get healthy.

Even if you have a pretty healthy lifestyle currently, you now have the ability to take that lifestyle to the next level!

One of the greatest realizations in recent nutritional history hasn’t come from looking forward, but instead to the past!

The Paleo diet, founded around 1975 and improved upon since then, has been around us all along.

It’s been on the tip of our tongues, just beyond our noses and we haven’t seen it!

We have now woken up. We now can see the error of our ways and the mistakes we’ve made and we can fix them!

The reason why I chose Paleo and why you should as well is that it gives you a chance to live the life you were intended to live.

The Paleo diet is more than just a change in the foods that you eat, but in your overall happiness and success.

An Explanation

What we eat affects us at the deepest level imaginable. We are literally built with the food that we eat.

It repairs our body, it gives us strength, it gives us energy…you literally are what you eat!

With this comes a responsibility we have shrugged off long ago. The responsibility to fuel ourselves and treat ourselves with love and respect.

Just like you wouldn’t dump garbage on yourself, you shouldn’t dump it down your throat.

The foods we are consuming in bulk are toxic, which is leading to health problems and an overall worse lifestyle.

Imagine living a life without this. Imagine living without this garbage clogging your system. Can you?

Imagine having more energy than you know what to do with. Imagine being happy for no reason. Imagine being productive and having better focus.

Now imagine looking at yourself and seeing an attractive, confident version of yourself staring back at you in the mirror.

This is what a change in lifestyle can do for you.

It goes beyond eating more veggies and drinking less soda. It goes into our very beings, who we are!

The reason why you should choose Paleo is the same reason why you should choose to live a happier, more success life.

I hope this helps you to wake up and get on board. Seeing what you are doing wrong is the first step. Fixing it is the next.

How to Change Your Lifestyle

To change your lifestyle, you have to focus on what you are eating that is helping you and what you are eating that is hindering you.

You may already be eating healthy food. You may be eating plenty of fruits and veggies, you may be eating a lot of protein-rich meats.

You may also be diluting a lot of this great food with food-like products that are hurting you.

To live a Paleo lifestyle, you need to drop these foods out of your diet. Cleansing yourself of these toxic foods is the first and most important step.

Start by going through your kitchen and marking down all the food in your house that you know you shouldn’t have.

I want you to write it down because I want you to actually see how much disastrous food is in your house.

From there, start getting rid of it. Toss it out, give it to your neighbors, donate it…do whatever you have to do.

From there, see what’s left. It probably won’t be a lot, so prepare to go grocery shopping!

Before you do, though, look up some recipes. Take a look at some of the foods you would like to incorporate into your life and find ways to do so.

When you go to the grocery store, if your budget allows, try to eat organic. Cavemen didn’t have chemical ridden, genetically enhanced food, so you should avoid it as well if it’s possible.

Try to surround yourself with a support system. If you can get your family on board, amazing!

If not, try and seek out other health minded people who can share this experience with you.

Keep in mind, cutting out bad food is like quitting an addiction. These are the foods you have spent your life eating and for some people, they are part of their identity.

Breaking these cycles and changing your habits will be tough and there will be a lot of temptation. This is where a support system (even an online one) comes in handy.

Surround yourself with positive materials. Subscribe to a newsletter (mine for instance!), join forums, read books and keep your eye on the prize.

As time goes, you will acclimate to your new lifestyle. Your new way of eating will become an extension of your identity and before you know it, Paleo eating will be part of your lifestyle.

So, what is Paleo eating? What does it involve? What should you eat and more importantly, what shouldn’t you eat?

What Do you Eat

Here is where the real changes will be made. Welcome to the nitty gritty of the diet, the food!

First off, I want you to keep in mind that just because you will be cutting a LOT of different foods out of your diet, it doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy food.

With different recipes, spices, flavors and combinations, you can still enjoy delicious meals and you won’t have to give up a lot of what you love!

Approach this diet with an open mind and a mentality of opening yourself up to new things, not losing old things.

Perspective is key.

As you know, it is called the Paleo diet because the goal of the diet is to eat like our caveman ancestors.

So, what does this mean?

This means only eating foods that could be hunted or gathered. This includes food groups such as:

• Meats
• Fish
• Poultry
• Nuts
• Seed
• Fruits
• Vegetables

Yeah, sure, these look like great, healthy foods to eat. So, what makes this different from any other diet?

The major difference are the foods you should NOT be eating. This includes:

• Bread
• Pasta
• Rice
• Processed sugar
• Table salt
• Legumes and beans
• Processed foods

Remember, caveman time was pre-agriculture, so foods like bread were out of the question.

I know this is a lot to take in. There are probably tons of meals that you eat that involve these foods and making the transition can be difficult.

Instead of focusing on that, focus on all of the foods you CAN eat.

This is one of the only diets that not only allows, but encourages eating steak, bacon, chicken, lamb…all the good stuff!

Veggies and fruits are where you will get most of your nutrients and also where you most likely are lacking getting your nutrients.

Because of our focus on processed foods, many people are nutrient deficient. People are becoming overweight, yet nutritionally they are starving.

With the Paleo diet, your focus is on the building blocks of life. You will be getting tons of vitamins, minerals, protein and more, all without the strings that the modern diet has attached!

There is such a wide variety of foods out there that you may be avoiding or unaware of. Now, you will have the ability experience these foods in a life changing way.

Your new diet won’t have calorie restrictions or a point system. That’s because this isn’t some kind of “get skinny quick” scheme.

The biggest difference between the Paleo diet and other types of diets is that the Paleo diet is a lifestyle change.

You aren’t just eating different foods to drop a few pounds, you are eating different foods to make your overall life significantly better.

You are eating for vitality, you are eating for happiness and you are eating for success. You are changing who you are fundamentally, in the most literal way possible.

With the Paleo diet, you are literally changing what you are made of. Your body will be composed of new sources of energy and growth and you will slowly remove the damage done by the bad foods you have been eating.

Changing your life is never easy, but it is rewarding.

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