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Leading Leicester Solicitors BHW Solicitors is delighted to announce four major new appointments. Jack Khurana, Matt Worsnop and Sarah Newcombe have all been promoted to Partner while Paul Davis has been promoted to Associate.

Jack Khurana heads the firm’s Dispute Resolution Department and has over 20 years experience advising clients on contract disputes, professional negligence claims and mediation. Jack also specialises in commercial property disputes.

Matt Worsnop is a senior member of BHW’s Corporate and Commercial team and trained with the firm. Matt specialises in software and IT agreements and is the only lawyer in the region ranked by Chambers and Partners as a leader in this field.

Sarah Newcombe leads BHW’s Residential Property Department and has overseen its remarkable development in recent years. Sarah’s team was one of the first in the UK to be awarded the Conveyancing Quality Standard (CQS) and is authorised to act on behalf of all the UK’s major lenders.

Paul Davis is a senior member of the Dispute Resolution Department and joined BHW from the Wilkes Partnership in Birmingham. Paul specialises in disputed wills and is one of the few ACTAPS practitioners (Association of Contentious Trusts and Probate Specialists) in the Midlands.

BHW’s Managing Partner, Nick Bridle, commented:

“We are very proud of all our new appointments. Jack, Matt, Sarah and Paul have all provided outstanding work for our clients and will continue to contribute to our excellent reputation for quality and service.”

BHW solicitors Leicester is a legal 500 recommended single office commercial law solicitors in Leicester established in 2003 which provides advice to businesses and organisations of all types and sizes. The firm specialises in many industry sectors including aerospace, agriculture, information technology and secured lending.

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Without a stringent body of laws regulating the conduct of players and the bodies that oversee them, sports would be in a state of disarray and would most likely not be as successful as they are today. With more sporting activities and events being created each year, more people joining in and better remunerations at stake, the importance of sports law has never been higher.

Sports law ensures that players are given equal opportunities to participate in the particular field they choose. They ensure that players are not discriminated against due to their race, religion or size. Everyone is entitled to a fair opportunity as long they have the skills and talent to play. There are limited slots in any particular sport so the selection process must be fair and the relevant laws used to ensure that that happens.

Once players have landed opportunities, they have to enjoy fair remunerations. Without an overseeing body in control, players would be at the mercies of their employers. Sports laws prevent this from happening. After getting their fair pay, just like all the other earners in the country, sports men and women have to pay taxes to the government. If this didn’t happen, the country would lose millions in unfiled taxes each year. The players would also get an unfair advantage especially those earning huge amounts of money.


Sports law also protects the employment of players. Contract laws prohibit employers from freely dismissing players without due reason. Where a player is found to be at a fault, sports law dictates that a regulated body looks into the matter. This is in order to create a balance and avoid malicious practices in the industry. For contracts to be legal they must follow particular guidelines and players have to be allowed to carry them out in full. Players on the other hand are bound to abide by their employment terms without fail.

In the same way a worker gets injured during work, players endure injuries during play. In such scenarios, players are entitled to healthcare services serviced by their employers. They also have a right to resume work after getting better. In the case a player can no longer play after permanent injuries, he or she is entitled to compensation.

Sports law is also tasked with ensuring that members do not cheat the system with vices such as doping or drug abuse. Anything that will taint the image of the industry or give unfair advantage to an individual is shunned. The policies and procedures of going about all these are well defined by these laws to avoid unfair practices by the regulatory bodies. This way, sports law creates an elaborate system of checks and balances at every step.


Approximately 70% of the country land area is United Kingdom is used for agriculture. Nonetheless, the number of people engaging in farming is reducing drastically with each generation as the cost of entry into farming in on the increase. The average age of British farm holders stands at 59.

In order to solve the problem of low earnings there are moves towards organic farming to sustain profits. Many farmers are also diversifying into activities away from pure agriculture to supplement their income as long as the activity is within agricultural law.

Agricultural laws in UK are closely related to property laws as farming is done on land. These laws are a combination of long standing statutes and those which have come into effect within last century. Some even contain several hefty alterations added in the last 15 years. The property laws have been undergoing numerous changes within last 5 years therefore it is important for farmers to keep up with the laws.  There are now specialist Agricultural Law solicitors looking to advise on all aspect of agricultural finance and law.

On business front, there are many foreign companies setting up businesses including farming in United Kingdom. These are the factors that made U.K government to make an attempt to safeguard interests of local people. It has brought more restrictions for foreigners trying to buy land.

When someone buys land in U.K, it should be registered with the land authorities. Registration fees are paid during the time of purchase.  Land registration fee is different from that of commercial and residential properties.

Due to hectic activities in real estate before recession set in, there is no much free land available in U.K. The provisions specified in Land Registration Act should be followed strictly when registering properties.

Farming partnerships

Agricultural law helps to prevent disputes in farming partnerships even for farmers who use traditional and time honoured methods of farming. Most farms run along traditional lines as they are family owned and operated.  Most of farms owned by individuals or families do not take advantage of modern structures of business such as limited liability companies.   In most instances, it is the large commercial businesses that embrace the concept of limited liability companies.

Family farms are operated by head of the family as a sole trader. This person makes all the decisions until the children are old enough to manage the farm. It is at this point that most farm businesses are turned to partnerships. There are no legal formalities for creating partnerships and is even possible to run partnership businesses without putting any agreements in writing.

Although partnerships without written agreement do not contravene any agricultural law, it is advisable to have a formal agreement. Formal agreements will help in imposing the terms of agreements which some partners may consider to be undesirable. A formal agreement will come

Conveyancing refers to transferring legal title of property from a person to another one or granting of mortgage. Conveyancing involves two landmarks which are completion where the legal title passes or exchange of contracts whereby equitable title passes.

During residential Conveyancing, property buyers should ensure that everything about the land title on which the residential property stands is right. Buyers should also determine that the seller is the genuine owner and has the right to sell the property. There should be no factor that can prevent a re-sale or mortgage. If buying a home, it is vital that the home buyer use the services of a conveyancer who can be a licensed conveyancer or solicitor to ensure that the title is good. Conveyancers also arrange the contracts on behalf of their clients.

Conveyancing and moving is stressful especially if you are not sure whether you chose a good legal team to transact on your behalf. You should be very careful when choosing a Conveyancing solicitor or a licensed conveyance to represent you. Those who work for a company with many clients can charge you a lower fee but they may not be able to provide a personal service you may require and within time you need it.

This does not mean that you will not get a fantastic deal and good service. There are many professionals in the field and you can even find them online provided that you are careful.

Before you hire a conveyancer, you should consider the following factors;


Only deal with a conveyancing solicitor or licensed conveyancer who are regulated and insured.  Mortgage lenders cannot agree to a deal where you a represented by a person who has not met the criteria. Regulation and insurance also works to your advantage in case you discover legal defects after you complete the process. You will be able to ask a regulatory body to take action or claim from effective insurance policy.


It is important to consider where a conveyancing solicitor  is based. If you prefer to have face-to-face discussions instead of letters, email and telephone conversations, you should hire someone near you residence or office, for example, if you want are in Derby, you will probably want to look for a derby conveyancing solicitor.  If you are searching for conveyancing solicitor for the first time, you need to consider several of them and narrow down to those who offer service that meets your requirements.

Do plenty of research before committing yourself. There is no standard way to choose the right service to help you with a residential conveyancing quote. The best approach is to ask the right questions that will help you to determine whether you are likely to get value for you money. A good conveyancing solicitor is the one who meets your unique needs at the right price.