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Leading Leicester Solicitors BHW Solicitors is delighted to announce four major new appointments. Jack Khurana, Matt Worsnop and Sarah Newcombe have all been promoted to Partner while Paul Davis has been promoted to Associate.

Jack Khurana heads the firm’s Dispute Resolution Department and has over 20 years experience advising clients on contract disputes, professional negligence claims and mediation. Jack also specialises in commercial property disputes.

Matt Worsnop is a senior member of BHW’s Corporate and Commercial team and trained with the firm. Matt specialises in software and IT agreements and is the only lawyer in the region ranked by Chambers and Partners as a leader in this field.

Sarah Newcombe leads BHW’s Residential Property Department and has overseen its remarkable development in recent years. Sarah’s team was one of the first in the UK to be awarded the Conveyancing Quality Standard (CQS) and is authorised to act on behalf of all the UK’s major lenders.

Paul Davis is a senior member of the Dispute Resolution Department and joined BHW from the Wilkes Partnership in Birmingham. Paul specialises in disputed wills and is one of the few ACTAPS practitioners (Association of Contentious Trusts and Probate Specialists) in the Midlands.

BHW’s Managing Partner, Nick Bridle, commented:

“We are very proud of all our new appointments. Jack, Matt, Sarah and Paul have all provided outstanding work for our clients and will continue to contribute to our excellent reputation for quality and service.”

BHW solicitors Leicester is a legal 500 recommended single office commercial law solicitors in Leicester established in 2003 which provides advice to businesses and organisations of all types and sizes. The firm specialises in many industry sectors including aerospace, agriculture, information technology and secured lending.

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Before you start any business, you should write a business plan. This is an analysis on reasons you believe the business you are starting will help you attain your goals. Starting a catering business will require a business plan. There are steps you should follow in writing it as outline below.


First Step

The foods you are planning to serve are discussed here. Whether you are planning to serve buffet food or specialist things like Christmas party catering, you should also state. The specific type of foods you are planning to prepare should be highlighted and you must give the reason why you think that they are the best for that specific market you are targeting.

Second Step

Here you state the space required to run the catering business in Leamington Spa and how you intend to get it from your budget. Be specific as to whether the place you will use as kitchen you will lease from real estate agents or share with other caterers to cut costs. If you are planning to use your home kitchen, you should also state that.

Third Step

The kitchen will not run without equipment so you should list all equipment you will require here. Some of the equipments are refrigerators, oven, counter among many others. Storage room size and space should be considered and mentioned depending on the amount of foods you plan to be having in stock and also the equipment you need to store in it.

Fourth Step

You will not operate the catering business without permits; so, you should list of the permits you will require to run the business. If you are offering services to private events for instance, you will not be required to have a food dealer’s permit but if you are serving general public, you must apply for it. The type of service you are planning to offer will determine the type of permit you need. Make sure you confirm with the authorities in your area on the permits you need to include them on the business plan.

Fifth Step

The costs of starting the business should be listed. These costs include but not limited to transportation, internet and even insurance. There are several types of insurances you can get such as liability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance or homeowner’s insurance if you are running the catering business from your home. The copies of the insurances taken should be attached to the business plan.

Sixth Step

How you will market your business should also be stated on the business plan. This can be by brochures to people if you are targeting private events. You can even advertise on the local media which should be clearly stated in the catering business plan.

For those people who own websites and conduct business online, keyword research cannot be a new terminology to them. Keywords are undoubtedly some of the most vital tools usable in the online marketing business, especially when it comes to researching a business on the internet. When such keywords are utilized expertly, they can open up great opportunities where online consumers search and get the products & services that you are offering for sale. When your website is well optimized, it will enable your business to identify or relate itself to search engines which bring about openings for your customers.

A web owner who understates the power and the importance of expertly done keyword research does so at their own peril. You should never be afraid to outsource your SEO, especially to high quality local SEO consultants. Well done keyword research can come in handy in helping you to carry out successful SEO campaigns that will drive traffic to your site who will later on buy your precious products. It’s also important to remember that keyword research plays a huge role in CPC and PPC marketing campaigns.

In order for you to use keyword research to your greatest advantage, you need to thoroughly know your customers as well as the market in general. You must understand the thought patterns of your customers and how they make decisions to buy certain products and leave out others. Avoid trying to get insights from your fellow competitors as they may not be on the right track in their keyword research endeavours. Instead, the best thing to do would be to have thorough knowledge of your audience and begin thinking the way they do. This will enable you to develop profitable keyword ideas that you would never even have dreamt of. Again, you should also avoid over-relying on the freely available tools for keyword research since your competitors are probably relying on them as well.

krWhenever you are receiving traffic from a search engine, it’s important to pay particular attention to the keywords that people are utilizing in an attempt to get to your website. Often, you will begin to see keyword patterns popping up within your server log. Upon seeing these patterns, you should make efforts to dig deeper and learn more about the keyword market making up that pattern. Many web owners out there have a habit of overlooking this strategy and this is unfortunate because the server logs you possess have the best information regarding keywords research.

In order for you to get great results in your keyword research, you ought to incorporate a 3rd party analytics program. This program will provide you with information on the keywords that brought visitors who not only visited your website, but undertook the desired action as well.

Keyword research is something that every individual who aspires to make it big in the online business should undertake. Such research can then be used optimally to bring about financial rewards.