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Finast prevents the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body.

Finasteride online prescription is not approved by the FDA as of January 2014, and is considered as a type of investigational new drug due to its lack of FDA approval, however the drug company Bayer Healthcare, and the European Union have decided to fast track the drug until they gain FDA approval. The drug and its efficacy is being actively denied by Bayer Healthcare and the European Union. It's an old story. The U.S. has been number one offender against the integrity of prescription drug market for a long time, and one of the main reasons for this is the best drugstore gel cream eyeliner massive pharmaceutical companies. companies like Merck, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, and others, have spent countless millions on lobbying campaigns, hiring the same top lawyers and lobbyists that have fought in past courtrooms (to no avail) to thwart the very same regulations that they now pay for in order to get past. This campaign of obstruction was made worse recently now that the FDA moved to put brakes on a controversial "drug" developed by one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in North America: Merck. This drug is already being advertised. Merck's drug is the most "potent" and "effective" antidepressant for women in the world and it has been on the market less than 14 months. The drug is called Aricept (pregabalin) and it was developed by Merck to treat depression with antidepressant effects. Aricept is not an FDA approved new drug, despite the fact that Merck has been paying for a two year placebo-controlled study. The drug is not approved for over the counter use, and thus is largely available only on the internet. When the FDA began asking major drug companies for data on their approved medications with the hopes of making it easier to control price hikes, Merck and the companies that make it started fighting back with billions of dollars in advertising and lobbying. The result? The FDA announced a policy, just like what was done to Bayer/Neoterex. Merck will be required to carry out a two-year phase 3 trial that will test three different combinations for efficacy and safety. These studies will begin in 2014 and they will be funded by other manufacturers. If this new policy is implemented, means thousands of women will go without the drug while other approved medications will also gain entry to the market. Merck will have to pay for this trial or lose its approval for the prescription drug. It's a major change, but not one that Merck wants to get caught in. Now it's not just Merck that is resisting the FDA's ruling on a new drug, but study just came out that shows how big a problem this has become for the generic companies. Researchers at the University of Alabama were able to get the data from hundreds of millions prescriptions in the United States order to make a comparison with another drug that was being tested by all the major drug companies.

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